Welcome to Project D.E.B.U.N.K.'s 
2nd Dyslexia Family Gathering
at Disney World, Florida!

D.E.B.U.N.K., stands for Dyslexia Educational Bandwagon, Uniting Noteworthy Kids.  Our mission has been to educate our community about dyslexia, while also bringing families and children together for support, encouragement and lots of FUN!

Too many times, dyslexia in todays educational system brings on years of stuggles, frustrations, tutoring, anxieties as well as school and family stress.  We have found there is a need for fun events that are centered around the gifts of dyslexia and have found there is power in bringing our families together.

In 2014, we brought together several mentors with dyslexic friends and families from all over the country to create positive experiences and lasting memories.  Our mentors shared their stories of both failure and success, and empowered our families to push on and make a difference.  We are so thankful for each of the volunteers that joined us in the past, and to all those who might join us again.

We are excited to introduce to you, Kristin Kane.   Kristin will be sharing her story and her expertise with you.  Kristin is an inspirational mom, dyslexic herself, that has worked passionately to make a difference in not only the lives of her children, but your children as well.
Click "
Meet Kristin Kane" to learn more about Kristin.

Dr. David Hunt, Psy. D, will be a returning mentor and joining us on Thursday and Friday.  He will share his own personal journey/story with you, and listen to the hearts of your children while we do special projects.  Dr. Hunt touched many lives at our last event and we are thrilled to have him join us once again.

Clark Janell Davis, Miss Kentucky 2015!  Clark's public service platform is increasing public awareness of dyslexia, as she has been living with it all her life.  Along her journey, Clark has discovered so many things about herself, and she is excited to share this with your family, and encourage your children for their journey ahead. To learn more about Clark, please click the "Meet Clark J. Davis" page. 

We want to encourage all families to consider joining us for this event, even if you are not a Star Wars fan.  Our event is using phrases from a wise Jedi Master, but we are not surrounding our event in Star Wars activities and props. 
The event details are now becoming closer to being set.  Each day, our activities begin outside of any Disney World park.  That way if any family prefers to stay out of the parks and just do resort or family fun other places, you won't miss out on hearing our speakers.

Thursday:   We will begin by having our private, group breakfast while listening to our dyslexic mentors Dr. David Hunt, and Kristin Kane share their own personal stories and encouragement.  From there, we are planning to go to Epcot and do some fun activities either together with other families or you can go off on your own.  We will have a scavenger hunt, and plan to participate in Phineas and Ferb missions around the World Showcase. 

Friday:   We are not planning a park day, but a resort day at Pop Century, doing small group meetings and activities.  This is a chance for your kids to make some amazing new friends and spend personal time with our mentors.  We will be able to allow adult advocacy talks, crafts or projects for kids, games, meetings involving our mentors in small groups and more.  This will be a low key, but meaningful day for your children to begin to understand, they are not the only ones.
There are no meals included Friday, but you can choose to join a group of families going to 'Ohana for a dinner.  You can pay out of pocket or use a Disney Dining Plan credit if you purchased one.

 We will begin by having our private, group breakfast while listening to our dyslexic mentor  Clark Davis, Miss Kentucky 2015, share her own personal stories and encouragement.   Then, we plan to end our 3 days with a celebration of DYSLEXIA day at the Magic Kingdom!  We have a special challenge game for the kids and hope everyone will sport their t-shirts to help bring more awareness and be part of a very "you-nique" group.  We will finish it all off by signing t-shirts and exchanging information while we wait for the fireworks!

We plan to have a lot of fun in a very personal, family style way!  COME JOIN US!
2018 "GALACTIC" Dyslexia Family Gathering
When: 04/19/2018-04/21/2018 at 8 AM
Where: Disney World, Florida

Contact: Project DEBUNK - Linda Goodness
307-223-7325 or 207-659-1080