Be a HERO!

Become a SPONSOR of the
2018 "Galactic" Dyslexia Family Gathering
Disney World, FL.  

You can help provide dyslexic children from all over the country, an opportunity to join together with other kids just like them.  The kids will hear from successful mentors who also struggled.  They will learn what helped each one make it through school and how they found their strengths.

The families will have a chance to play, learn and laugh together; something that is often missing in a dyslexic families life.  Between extra tutoring hours, meetings with schools or homeschooling, homework battles, anxiety disorders, depression, chemical adictions, etc. these families need a positive connection with others who share their learning style.  

Our first event was a big success and we are working to make this one even better.   Many people still believe the most common myth, dyslexia means you "see things backwards", which in not true.  Most people do not know anything about the high dropout rates, suicides, chemical adictions, prison rates, anxiety disorders and other issues surrounding dyslexia.  We continue to work to change these statistics.  You can help.  Your advertising sponsorship can provide meeting spaces, t-shirts, food, special activities, and more!
If you have any questions, or would like to offer a different idea for sponsorship, please send a message on the "contact us" page.  We sincerely hope you will consider joining with us to make this event a life altering experience for each family.  You truly can make a difference in the life of a child.

Sponsorship Levels have Star Wars related names.  There is a Star Wars race weekend at the same time so we connected the theme to our event.  One of our goals is to keep our kids away from the "Darkside" and to show them that accepting guidance, using tools and learning about how they learn, can give them direction and peace. 
Please consider joining us. . .